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choose a case study from one of the options below

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the finished product says everything
the finished product says everything
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Hanging Planter

Welcome to the Labs sessions! I’m Beki, a Senior Application Engineer for Vectric. I love to make and I am here to provide you with a FREE monthly project that you can download and cut for yourself!

Each project comes with its own video for you to watch that tells the story of what I am making from start to finish. Including technical software footage, machining the parts in the Labs, finishing the projects and I’ll throw a few tips in based on my experience!

This project is available for use in our free trial software, so even if you’re not a current Vectric customer you can download the files and cut them on your CNC. This project comes with a PDF document that highlights some of the key important steps to help you get through your project. Share what you’ve made on the Vectric Forum. Download our FREE TRIAL software here.

This month’s project is a fairly simple three part slot together hanging planter. Perfect for plant lovers and a perfect way to decorate a dull wall or corner with greenery!

Included in the file are two layers called “Original Vectors for Alteration”. These vectors outline all the dimensions you would need to change to accommodate the material thickness you plan to use. Remember, as this is a slot together project it is wise to run test cuts to check the allowances in the toolpaths for the best assembled slot fit.

Please refer to the video before attempting to cut your own!

which Vectric software do i need to be able to open the free project files?

This project is available to everyone, simply download the latest version of our FREE Trial software to make this project.

If you are an existing customer, the files are also available within your V&CO account.


IMPORTANT: Before outputting any toolpaths you should carefully check all part sizes and the material setup to make sure they are appropriate for your actual setup. You should also check and re-calculate all toolpaths with safe and appropriate settings for your material, CNC machine and tooling.

Terms of Use: The projects and artwork are provided on the understanding that they will only be used with Vectric software programs. You may use the designs to carve parts for sale but the Files and/or Vectors, Components or Toolpaths within them (or any derivatives) may not be converted to other formats, sold to, or shared with anyone else. This project is Copyright – Vectric Ltd.