try our software today before you buy
try our software today before you buy
try our software today before you buy

the trial versions of our software let you evaluate each programs capability and see how easy they are to use. sample files are included which can be machined to test compatibility with your CNC.

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free trial edition CNC projects

a selection of our projects of the month have been specially adapted to be used with the free trial versions of VCarve Pro or Aspire. this allows you to use the trial to make any of the fantastic projects you can see  below. for a full list of all our other projects you can visit our project of the month.

our free projects come complete with thorough documentation, a downloadable zip file which contains the actual project files ready for you to import and use with your Vectric software! these projects are designed to both inspire and educate our users, and every month we will be offering a new project for you to work on.

important information on trial version downloads

why not check out our apps as well?


PhotoVCarve instantly converts photographs and images into high quality toolpaths that can be run on virtually all CNC routing and engraving machines.


Cut3D is a dedicated toolpath engine for CNC machining 3D models that have been designed using a 3D CAD or graphics design product

benefits of our FREE trials

*toolpaths can only be generated for the sample files provided. this allows you to test compatibility with your CNC.

IMPORTANT: before outputting any toolpaths you should carefully check all part sizes and the material setup to make sure they are appropriate for your actual setup. you should also check and re-calculate all toolpaths with safe and appropriate settings for your material, CNC machine and tooling.